Group Programs

Emerald & Forgotten Coast Adventures (E&FCA) helps bring to life science in a way that creates memorable and lasting impressions that can help shape the future of students interested in the sciences. Our adventures are focused on grades 1-12, however we can work with you to structure a fun-filled outing for children 4 to 5 years old. Just reach out to us with your goals and we can help fashion an adventure for your classes.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity to couple memorable field experiences with education to empower the next generation and inspire stewardship of our coastal marine environment. Given the chance to see, feel, smell, and experience the uniqueness of the local history and marine ecology of the Florida Panhandle and Gulf of Mexico could inspire the next generation to do something about the environment they live in. We will work with teachers to couple the lessons and experiences in the field with those taught before and after the field adventure to help you meet your teaching goals.

EFCA Day Trip Teacher Packet 2024

Teachers, the link below provides the necessary forms that will be required to be filled in ahead of each trip. Find the following important documents in the teacher packet: 

  • What to expect
  • Teacher Acknowledgement Form
  • Adult Chaperone Signature Form
  • Student Permission Form
  • Safety Information
  • Student liability waiver form
  • Field Trip Procedures and methods
  • Relevant Activities and Florida Standards
  • Checklist

Group Programs

salt marsh

Join this adventure to explore the role salt marshes play in the ecology of St. Andrew’s or Choctawhatchee Bays.

coastal dune lake

Did you know Coastal Dune Lakes are found only in this part of Florida and New Zealand? Come on an adventure to explore the unique ecology of these lakes and compare with the adjacent Gulf of Mexico.

Estuarine Bays

This adventure will explore one of more habitats within St. Andrew’s or Choctawhatchee Bays (seagrass beds, oyster reefs).

How to Book

Choose your field adventure! Pick your date below on the calendar and register online! You can also call 850-508-7306 Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 5 PM to have your questions answered and book your trip. Student’s costs will be covered by Grants and donations, but we will need a firm headcount for each trip. For Field Adventures for the Community (residents and visitors), donations will be required to cover the costs of staff and equipment use and to support E&FCA’s efforts during the school year. The costs will be calculated on a per person basis during booking. Your donations will help science teachers hone their skills during the summer by leading adventures and will help bring more kids into the field during the school year! We much appreciate your contributions!

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